Cabinet Painting

your kitchen cabinet and vanity painting experts

Paint Rx is a renowned expert at painting over natural wood cabinets, a complicated process that we have mastered for our clients to instantly create a new look for their kitchens.

What are some more benefits of repainting your cabinets?

  • It will refresh the dated look of your kitchen and your dingy, dark, and dirty cabinets, with the lighter and brighter trend that makes your kitchen look larger.
  • It will improve your home’s value, with a great return on investment.
  • It’s less expensive than replacing your cabinets, with cabinets being the most expensive item in the kitchen.
  • It’s more convenient than a complete kitchen remodel, which could mean up to 12 weeks without plumbing or appliances.
  • The high-quality paints we use on your cabinets are a result of the high demand for painting cabinets in the industry. Newly improved cabinet paint products have been recently introduced that are specifically designed for cabinets, with better application and durability.

Here is how we make the magic happen at Paint Rx:

  1. We start the prep step by carefully taking off all doors, door fronts, and accessories attached to the cabinet and bringing them back to our shop. We’ll also do any repairs at this point if needed.
  2. We degrease and sand down the faces and sides of the cabinets to give the surface a bond that will assure no peeling will occur. We’ll fill in any holes or dings at this step, too.
  3. We prime and apply two coats of paint, sanding in between coats, to cabinets and drawers.
  4. The newly painted cabinets are then hung back up and hardware is replaced or changed out.

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